Christmas 2006 - Page 6

more tv at Mary Anne's
Wow, there are two Jordans on the screen.  This camera does magic tricks, it creates lots and lots of Jordans on the screen.  It is just the thing for this budding star of stage, screen and TV. It was then time to go to Mary Anne's for Christmas Dinner, prepared by that eminent chef, John D.  Above, we find that Sean and Maura D are using two computers to talk with a Mr. Ipod.  They seemed to spend a lot of tiime with this mysterious individual.  Mom doesn't know quite what to make of the situation.
at the fire who is here?
Uncle Joe and mom converse by the fireside as Sean and Maura D continuing dealing with Mr. Ipod. When all of a sudden there arose a clatter as two well-dressed elves walked into the kitchen, each bearing a prized gift of the day.  
ready for dinner a little pool
Keenan seems better and dinner is almost ready. So the two elves retire to the pool room to play their own game of cueless pool.   It is a very engaging sport for the younger crowd.  

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