Christmas 2006 - Page 7

dinner the table
Everyone is ready for dinner.  Around the table from the left are Uncle Joe, Patrick, Maura D, Keenan, Sean and Maggie.   At the other end of the table are Maura D (she moves fast), Alissa, Jordan, mom and Uncle Joe.  Dinner is ready to go.
royalty another home
Keenan has completely recovered from his illness of earlier in the day and now leads the table.  He has been chosen king and Sean and Maggie are members of his court.  His father got left out. After dinner it was time to journey back up the turnpike to Dalton, where we met some others celebrating Christmas. In this scene we can see Maura with her son Liam, Katie and Heather.
a big present a big truck
We carried a great big present from Sean to Aidan, and Aidan quickly removed the outer wrapping paper. What could be inside? It looks like a big tractor trailer with a bull dozer, but Aidan seems to be more interested in the echo maker that came with the truck.  His father is trying to figure out where to put the large vehicle, Heather wonders why she didn't get one and Chuck is focused on constructing a dinosaur.

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