Christmas 2006 - Page 8

presents complete
As Aidan carefully studies his new truck, mom talks with Maura, holding Liam, and Katie, while Chuck works hard constructing the dinosaur. Success!  Chuck holds up the completed dinosaur to the admiring glances of Emily, mom, Maura and Katie.  The big black dog is Grady, who was looking for food.
ian the boys
The big boys have arrived. Ian greets the crowd as his father walks into the next room. In the next room, in front of the TV we find Jake and Zach.  They are probably watching a program required for school.
liam concoctions
Out in the kitchen, Pegeen holds Liam for the camera, while Heather watches the flash in the window and Quincy the golden Lab looks on mournfully from behind the gate. There is something going on in the kitchen.  Liam's mother, Maura, is making a concoction closely watched by Heather.  Liam figures the mix is just about the right color to paint the counter top.

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