Christmas 2006 - Page 9

liam the truck
The day after Christmas found many still gathered around the tree. After a hearty breakfast, Pegeen holds Liam as his father looks on. Aidan is busy learning all the details of the great big truck and tractor system.
the game something new
Out in the kitchen, Jake carefully reads the instructions for eating pancakes, while Zach tells him there is nothing to it.  Aaron, the maker of the pancakes, just looks on.   Upstairs, there is something new.  This looks like a brand new computer and Emily has already put a background of her creation on the screen.
another onloooker another user
She then gives Jake a lesson on how to create computer backgrounds in shocking pink, a color that Jake is sure to want to emulate. Heather is ready to take her turn at the computer, but her older sister insists on showing her the right way to do everything.

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