Christmas 2006 - Page 10

resting family
John S and Pegeen relax with Liam and their own son, Ian, who is just a little bigger than Liam (at least for now). One of the more engaging gifts received this Christmas was the football kicker.  Here Zach tries his skill at kicking the football through the uprights (and up the stairs).
what's new the game
In the next room, Katie is looking at her son, Aidan's, new fishing kit, which is complete with roll-up ruler to see how big the fish actually was. Mom watches the scene with interest. Out in the kitchen, Aidan joins the big boys for a tense game of spin the quarter. The longest spin will win and Aidan figures he can do it much better than these guys.  The participants include Zach, Chuck, Ian and John  S.
goodbye pas
It was time to go and Liam was ready to throw one last pass.  He says, "somebody go out long so I can throw this ball." Emily is amazed but Liam says, "I throw much better with my left hand." With that he left for points north with the rest of his family.

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