Christmas 2004

It is time for the Christmas Party at Aidan's school and Santa has come to visit, but Aidan has been struck speechless when sitting on Santa's lap.
However, Aidan still gets a present even though he never said a word, and he carries his loot back to his place.
While the next little girl tells everything to Santa, Aidan compares presents with his friend, Chris.
Now that it is time to unwrap the presents, Aidan gets ahead promptly to rip off the wrapping  paper.
big swinger
get the stuff
Now it is pinata time and Aidan gets ready to deliver a one handed blow to the red and green globe and a powerful blow it was.  He and the others had a chance to deliver a number of blows before the pinata came down. 
Then it was a mad scramble for the goodies.  Aidan managed to get in quick and low and recovered more than his share of goodies.