Christmas in 2005

at Patricks
It was the day before Christmas and three kids were stirring the frosting for cookies to make.  They paused in their work for a look at their masterpieces.  The cookies would be fine fair for good old St. Nick.
Then down the turnpike like a flash to visit the Harts for their seven fish bash.  We arrived there early, mom could talk with Uncle Joe as Jordan entertained her friend, Devin.
getting ready
In the kitchen, the first fish dish came out. It was a collection of shrimp prepared by Alissa and spouse and sampled by a neighbor, Sheila.
It was then rumored that Santa would soon be by on a fire truck since snow was in short supply.  The crowd hastened out to see the grand sight.
still waiting
The children were all bundled in light jackets and hats while the glitter of lights danced around their heads.  Jordan is in front with Devin, while Keenan and cousin Sal take up the rear.
The boys then moved out to get close to the reindeer, but no sign of Santa did they see then.

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