Family Christmas Pictures

big tree little tree
We were invited over to the Will3's parents for an early Christmas Party ( or St. Nick's party) and were greeted by a magnificent 12 ft tree. It was a new variety whose lights grew with the tree, so only the decorations needed to be added.   Downstairs, the gala decorations continued with a smaller tree and lots of other items, which looked something like presents.
little town whoosh
There was even a miniature town all crowded with people and lighted up for the Season.   However, Will4 spent his time with the more serious work of improving his basketball shots.
trains other things
Marissa, Gavan and Brody were helping Will3 set up the train set, which was set at just the right height. Meanwhile, Lexi found some special food to her liking.  There was a lot to choose from.  

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