Christmas 2009

Before Christmas, Will3's parents had a party for Susan's family as they were traveling from warmer climates. The table is filled with delightful treats which Katherine and Marissa are dutifully sampling.
Seeing all the good stuff, Will4 moves over to get his share of the culinary delights. He is trying to get ahead of his sisters.
the bar
more food
Marissa tries a drink as Judy sets more things up at the bar. There is food here, too, and everywhere there are great decorations.
Susan and her children surround the table and all are sampling the goodies on the table.
the group
Will4 and Will3 look at the table of food while Katherine continues to taste the culinary masterpieces.  In the background, Marissa looks like she is beginning a dance move.
Most seem to be watching TV as Katherine is upside down on her father's knee.  But where is Will4? 

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