Zachary Graduates from High School

in a hurry procession
Zach must have been a little late, since he passed us with a great burst of speed.  It is probably unlucky to be late for your own graduation.   He did make it with time to spare and joined the group for the grand procession.  The red line spots his position in the horde of graduates going down the aisle.
taking seats going up
Now it was time to patiently wait through the speeches and video. The red line points out Zach in the middle of the audience, if you can find the red line. At this time, Zach is in the next line to go up to the stage.  The red line shows him patiently? waiting for his turn to come.
waiting getting the diploma
Finally, Zach is in line to go up on the stage.  At this point he is the next to last one in the line.  A girl in white is the only one behind him. Zach receives his diploma from the official on the stage.  Now, it is back to his seat, then out the door and back home for the grand celebration.

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