Zachary Graduates - Page 2

on the ground under the tent
We arrived back at the graduation celebration early, but some early birds had already arrived.  Liam was patiently explaining to Aaron the intricacies of the Indian puzzle he was operating. Ian watched a few of the early birds, Chuck, Maura and Patrick as they ate up some of the finger food for the early arrivals.
early birds what is going on?
Heather and Emily have their plates full of  all the available food and that should hold them until the main food is available. What is all this pink stuff?  Jordan, Keenan and Will4 all have a big batch of this pink stuff.  Liam is sanely working at his puzzle and Jake and Aaron are just watching.
what is this pink stuff? more and more pink
This phenomenon has caused Uncle Joe to come over and see what is going on. Another one comes over.  Heather comes over with her face buried in this pink stuff.   What is going on here?

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