Zachary Graduates - Page 3

three in a row the culprit
Three girls in a row and all with that pink stuff in their faces.  Heather, Katherine and Jordan are going to turn into cotton unless something is done.   Aha, there is the culprit.  John S is stirring the magic ingredients that make this strange pink stuff as his brother, Robert, watches.
the spy saving the day
Outside, Keenan spies on the kids on the lawn. Who will he tell? There he is!  The super graduate is running into the rescue. He realizes what has to be done!
a stern eye too tall
With a stern stance, that can only be performed by a recent high school graduate, Zach warns the girls of the dangers of that pink fluffy stuff. He has surely impressed Katherine, Emily, Heather and Jordan. Outside, Zach finds the being tall sometimes has its drawbacks.  It seems that the tent is made for shorter people.  

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