Zachary Graduates - Page 4

under the tent the pictures
Fortunately, there is enough room for Zach under the tent.  Behind him are Maura, Katie, Aaron, Liam and Jake.   It was time for the traditional graduation picture and Zach dutifully posed with his parents for numerous photos in all directions.  
a better picture quiet time
However, a better photo was still needed and a real pro was called in to take the photo of the year. In a quiet corner, we find Aaron talking with his son, Aidan.  Maybe they are talking about the amount of soda that Aidan has consumed  today.
all the kids the food source
All the young girl cousins are sitting in a row and they all still have that pink  stuff.   They must have snuck back to the machine when Zach was having his photo taken. The food was set up in the garage and a few have gathered in its proximity.  In the back are Alissa, mom, Karen, Mary Anne S. Liam and others.

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