Zachary Graduates - Page 5

closeup another group
By the food, mom talks with Karen while Mary Anne S and Alissa can be seen in the background. Alissa talks with Mary Anne S, who is holding Liam,  while someone is taking a picture of them.
action under the tent
A crowd has gathered at the food table.  It includes Jake, Heather, Patrick and Uncle Joe.  The picture is a little blurry since the camera had too much to drink.   Outside we find Katie, Jake and friend, Katherine and Heather enjoying their food. But those girls are still eating that pink stuff. They had better watch out.
at the table more tables.
At the other end of the table Chuck and Maura are talking with Alissa as they eat.  Way in the back, Uncle Joe is eating in the shade. At another table, Mary Anne and Robert S are at the table with George as they consume the bounteous banquet in honor of Zach's great achievement.

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